Apac gives out 82 Ox-Plough to farmers

District Chairperson Ikomba Asanti Odongo talking to the farmers

Apac District Chairperson, Ikomba Asanti Odongo on 25th August, 2023 advised farmers to take Agriculture seriously to provide food security in the District during the distribution Ox-Plough at the District Headquarters.

“As you receive this Ox-Plough today, make sure you go and put your best in crop growing. Today we are giving you Ox-Plough, next time there will be hand tractor and then tractor, said Odongo.

Asanti further emphasized on Commercial Agriculture as it’s the only route path to middle income economy. He advised farmers to produce much raw materials for the local industries for value change and reap big.

Resident District Commissioner, Abudul George said the Ox-Plough farmers are receiving are part of the NRM manifesto of wealth creation.

“The Government is trying everything possible to elevate you from poverty by giving you monetary through PDM, and now we are giving you Ox-Plough. As you take this machines you should cooperate with others and leave the habit of jealously,” said Abudul.

Abudul advises farmers that, the Ox-Plough given to them is to change the community, if your neighbor ask for help make sure you do it.

District Production Officer, Dr Ongu Elim James said the Ox-Plough is a grant from Government through Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industry & Fisheries (MAAIF) and not owned by any Department. As you receive these Ox-Plough today, make sure you use it to boost your efforts in farming.

The Ox-Plough were distributed to farmers from all Sub Counties at the District.